Land Analysis And Acquisition

During his five years functioning as Development Director for a prominent Vancouver real estate developer, Nick Lee carefully honed his skills as a Land Analyst and brings a myriad of relevant skills to the table.

Nick Lee possesses a keen understanding of the Vancouver real estate industry. Vancouver is a city experiencing exponential growth, providing a wealth of opportunities for a booming real estate market. As the downtown becomes more congested, opportunities to develop new land sprawling across the Lower Mainland continue to crop up. To developers and investors not as familiar with the area, the climate of real estate in Vancouver can be hard to predict; this is why Nick’s approach works. After many years of Vancouver-specific land analysis under his belt, Nick finds he is able to better understand what makes a sound real estate investment and predict the potential future of your real estate investments. He understands the developer’s point of view and can therefore provide the areas of analysis in which you are interested written in terms you understand.

Nick relies on Project Pro forma to conduct a thorough analysis of a variety of factors which impact the hypothetical return on equity, balancing the up front costs such as construction costs and land assembly with the future value of the land and its corresponding neighborhood.